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A Page Turning First Adventure

Sticky's Fantastical Adventures 


There are 20+ books in these adventures. These adventure books are easy reading for kids with ADD, ADHD, or Autism, or if they just have a hard time reading.


These books have larger print and shorter paragraphs for easy reading. It also has shorter chapters to build the child’s confidence.

All of the books and series should be read in order. They all connect to create one continuous story. Each series has one main adventure with many side adventures.

Can this green elf’s magic help him find his missing sister?

America, 1776. Sticky the elf’s curiosity usually lands him in a big mess. But this time his sister is the one who needs rescuing. She never returned from the human city of Philadelphia.


To find her, Sticky must get out of his cozy bed and go on a daring journey. Joined by his friends, the elf healer and a tiny dwarf who can’t stop eating. They soon find out that the human world isn’t so scary after all.

But between a clanging Liberty Bell and the city’s hustle and bustle, there are a lot of ways for a snoopy elf to get stuck in a pickle…


As Sticky’s crazy rescue mission takes him all over many towns, can he stay out of trouble long enough to bring his sister home?


‘The Fantastical Adventures of a Little Green Elf’ is a first chapter book in a hilarious children’s fantasy series. It's perfect for middle-grade readers.

If you and your child like fun quests, magical creatures, and stories sprinkled with history, then you’ll both love Rene Cournoyer’s heartwarming tale of friendship.

P.S. It's actually good for all ages.


The Stars of Sticky's Fantastical Adventures


A tall and skinny elf who can shoot bubblegum from his hands.


He doesn’t have to find trouble, trouble finds him. His favorite pastime is napping.


He is the tallest of the group

at 3 ft. tall.


An elf who can heal with her hands. She is one of Sticky’s dearest friends and the leader of the group.


Her favorite pastime is being with her friends. She is a head shorter than Sticky



A dwarf and one of Sticky’s closest friend’s. He’s as strong as an ox and the shortest of the three.


He loves having lots of pockets

to carry things. His favorite

pastime is eating.

He is a head shorter than Robyn


Book 1 - The Fantastical Adventures
of a Little Green Elf
The Fantastical Adventures of a Little Green Elf

The first book in this series introduces us to Sticky, Robyn, and Dumbley. It also describes the quaint little village of Shendale. It's one village out of twenty-two in Alberlon.

The story starts with Sticky saving a girl stuck in a tree. Robyn uses her energy healing to heal a small elf and then all of them look for the elf's lost dog.

Sharing the Kindness is born. For everyone they help, they ask them to Share the Kindness with two other people without asking for payment.


They find a lost elf and help her find her way home. This lost elf teaches Dumbley that it's not nice to take something that doesn't belong to you. Even if it's your best friends' things.

What bothers Sticky is his knack for getting into trouble. If he doesn't get into trouble, trouble always finds him.


So now, my friends, it’s time to begin this, Fantastical Adventure!

 Your Journey of a Lifetime is about to begin.


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Mending a Fence
Book 2 - Mending a Fence

Sticky and his friends continue their journey to Philadelphia.  

Dumbley learns the hard way that you shouldn't take things from your friends without them knowing it.

They create a game where you tell jokes and riddles. It's called Pokey-poke.

They help a lost Elf find her way home.


They also help mend a fence for a family of Dwarves.  A few things happen to Dumbley in this book. Find out what it is.

Sticky has his first adventure sleepwalking.

Sticky gets a really weird reaction when he eats some candy.

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to continue this exciting adventure today!

Sticky the Candy Elf
Book 3 - Sticky the Candy Elf

The Adventurers continue their adventure to Philadelphia.

Along the way, they run into a few obstacles that they have never seen before. Like their first human, an angry bear, delicious candy and much, much more.


This part of the adventure will also introduce you to Sticky's PaPa. His name is PaPa Doyle.

Sticky needs to save someone who is drowning. Find out who it is.

PaPa Doyle and Sticky find out they don't work together that well.

Find out what they were doing.

Sticky finds out the hard way that you can't walk too close to the back legs of a horse.

He also finds a sweet treat that he can not do without.


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Book 4 - A Friendly Pixie
A Friendly Pixie

The Adventurers continue their adventure to Philadelphia.


Sticky meets two new friends. Magnus the Wizard and an out of this world Pixie named Dandelion. Sticky falls in love with Magic and the place where his new Pixie friend lives.


She doesn't have normal wings like other Pixies. She also lives on another planet that's similar to Earth.

Sticky finds out the hard way that you can't stand in a canoe.

He helps out some brothers and ends up with a bunch of cuts. He looks like a mummy from all the bandages.

A thief regrets stealing some supplies from Sticky. He ended up in a sticky situation.

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so you can join the exciting adventure today!

Book 5 - A Burning Barn
The Burning Barn

The Adventurers continue their adventure to Philadelphia.

The action builds as Sticky attempts to save a girl from a burning barn.

PaPa Doyle teaches Sticky the easy way to fish. Sticky catches a fish that's bigger than him and the fun begins.

In this book, the adventurers meet another new friend named Jibbles. He's in his first year in the Academy of Wizards. He's also shorter than Dumbley.

Sticky falls into a deep canyon while trying to help his new friend Jibbles.

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Book 6 - The Final Destination
The Final Destination

This is the 6th and final book of this adventure to Philadelphia. But fear not, 'The Magical Portal Series follows this one.

When they reach Philadelphia, the action never stops. Sticky finds trouble in Independence Hall and at the Liberty Bell. 

Was it Sticky that cracked the Liberty Bell? Find out this

 and many more exciting tales.

Sticky sees a fort for the first time and finds a way to get into trouble. He will also have his first trip by a magical portal.

Buy   'The Final Destination'

so you can join the exciting adventure today!

This is the last book of this series. But fear not. There is

another one already written for you.


It's called The Magical Portal Series and you can read

about in the last chapter in this book.

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