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About the Author

great for kids with ADD or ADHD


I am blessed to have two wonderful children

and five beautiful grandchildren. They have kept me

young at heart. 

I was born in Woonsocket, R.I. in 1954.


We moved when I was still a baby. I have spent most of my

life in Framingham, Mass. and it's where I currently reside.

I work in IT, fixing computers by day and I

write before and after work. I started writing in 2011, the true

birth year of Sticky. I wrote most of the series in 6 months

(11 books) and then stopped to re-write the books.

I started writing again in 2015 and found it to be my true

passion.  I hope to someday turn Sticky

into a Saturday morning cartoon the kids will love.

This world could use more laughter.


Writing a book has been a lifelong dream. 

Science fiction and fantasy are what I love to read 

and wanted to write about. However, I could never 

get the book out of my head and onto paper. 


My grandchildren have always told me that I'm a big kid 

at heart and suggested I write a children’s book. It resonated 

immediately, the children’s fiction genre is where my book belonged. 

The next day I started typing and never stopped. 


As a result, Sticky was born and he grows with every book.

You’re all invited to take this journey 

with Sticky and his friends.



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